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—Bling Bling (featuring Big Tymers, Hot Boys)

B.G. - Bling Bling(Ft. Hot Boys & Big Tymers)

"Bling Bling… Everytime I come around yo city Bling Bling… Pinky ring worth about fifty Bling Bling… Everytime I buy a new ride Bling Bling… Lorenzos on yokohama tires Bling Bling…"

Lil Wayne

—Gucci Gucci (Freestyle)

Lil Wayne - Gucci Gucci

Lil Wayne

—Shoot Me Down (Produced By Kanye West)

Lil Wayne - Shoot Me Down

Lil Wayne

—Bill Gates

Lil Wayne - Bill Gates

"Pistol in your mouth I cannot make out what you tryna say. And if they want a war, then tell them motherfuckers bombs away!"